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custom software development

Custom Software Development

Our San Diego-based development team is constantly mastering the newest technologies. We combine the latest tech with deep business experience. The result? Innovative ways to keep your business ahead of the competition.

  • SaaS and PaaS development
  • Progressive / Web app development
  • Mobile app development
  • MEAN and LAMP stack development
  • Serverless stack, AWS, React
  • API discovery and configuration
  • Many, many more
  • Don’t know what you need? We can help!

Data Migration

JopeConnect can assist with any step of your data migration project. Our team facilitates conversations with stakeholders. Then we use data-driven decision making to develop prototypes.


Any successful migration requires data flowing between legacy and newly-implemented systems. Errors and hiccups are not an option. Our engineers have faced the challenge of developing complex data migration strategies many times. We move large data sets with efficiency and accuracy.

  • HIPAA-compliant HL7 data migration
  • Big data manipulation, syncing and migration
  • SQL & MongoDB database architecture
  • Legacy data migration and ad hoc reporting
  • Quality assurance and testing

Task Automation

Today’s professional climate demands high efficiency at every level. The catalyst for this operational excellence is task automation. 


We help dramatically reduce costs by streamlining task-oriented work currently performed by employees. Key personnel are free to innovate based on their business and industry experience. You’ll discover more ways to revolutionize once you start your digital business transformation. The culture shifts from reactive to strategic planning.


  • Automated application testing
  • Real-time application and infrastructure monitoring
  • Process automation, routine task automation
  • Workflow optimization

Strategy and Growth

Do you need products and services to comply with corporate priorities? Or maybe it’s time to pivot to a new strategic growth initiative. 


JopeConnect has business consulting techniques to empower your organization. We help you find strategies beyond technology that address inefficiency and capitalize on opportunities.


  • Ideation workshops
  • Employee morale workshops
  • Ongoing consulting services
  • Graphic design services